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High Energy Recordings

in Jungle we trust

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A note from the founder – Naomi Katy Barker.

I started raving at a young age, where I got to experience the beginning of  Jungle music. Attending iconic events such as World Dance, Helter Skeltor, Atomics etc. Since then I have followed the art passionatley; I was always the last the leave the dance floor. My goal was to create a label encompases all that Jungle music has to offer, and focuses on the purity of the music. From intimate venues to festivals, I wanted to spread the high energy frequency of jungle music as far as it can go.


in Jungle we trust

High Energy 2016 Logo efx4 (1) High Energy 2016 Logo efx4 (1)

High Energy Recordings is a record label and agency for true Junglists that remember the sound of Jungle's beginning.


We strive to bring together both old and new styles of Jungle music, incorporating reggae artists.  One of our goals is to allow our artists to work with veteran artists that they had only dreamed of collaborating with. We aim to create a family of musicians that inspire each other and others to create higher art.