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Cosmic Velocity

High Energy Interview

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Cosmic Velocity Interview:


1. What's your artist name and where do you come from?

Cosmic Velocity - from Eastbourne UK.



2. How long have you been doing music?

Been playing keys since 10 & producing beats since 16.



3. Whose your 3 favorite jungle artists?

Shy FX

Ray Keith

Roni Size



4. Who's your 3 favorite jungle DJ?

DJ Hype

Nicky Blackmarket

Mickey Finn



5. What made you get into music?

I was inspired by my cousin to play keys at age 10 but had so many ideas and love for all

types of music I wanted to make my own.



6. What do you love about Jungle music?

I love jungle music coz of the energy it gives me...I love the heavy baselines and rhythms and the reggae influence.



7. On a scale of 1 to 10 ... 10 being the greatest; how does jungle music make you feel? 8



8. Where do you see yourself in 5years?

I look forward to being an established producer in the Jungle and HipHop scenes

and be able to make a living from music.



9. If you could make a track with any three producers or artists; who would they be?

Dub Pistols

General Levy



Big Ups!