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High Energy Recordings

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The High Energy label lives up to it's name with this six track promo. Each track here seems to be designed from the ground up to move the people and raise the vibe on play. High Energy is focused on one theme here, 'high energy jungle tracks'. Each track is carried by a booming moving bass-line and has it's own distinct personality.





First up, produced by Uniques and Lok-i - ''Back to my roots'' establishes this EP’s presence with a jumpy bass-line, reggae chords and vocal sample that's a little too easy to get lost in.


















Antidote Beats steps up for track two with ''In the beginning'' a warm – old school feeling jungle instrumental that is as dense as it is addicting, absolutely one to drive to.



















Possibly the EP’s flagship slogan ''Jungle all the way'' by Cosmic Velocity at track three turns up the volume on the mix and get's more in the listeners face.



















The EP takes on a different form when Birmingham based MC Alaska and roots reggae vocalist Joseph Lalibela take the stage and deliver an explosive track; produced by Simplistix ''Lets Go Get ’em'' introduces the first of the lyrical work on the EP in a bombastic and powerful way.  



















Next up, ''Surf The Jungle'' by Steve Index and Alozade provides a perfect end for the heavy jungle six-piece that High Energy has presented here. The project finishes on a high note and each songs flow so seamlessly into one another that you could listen to this EP a few times without catching yourself on repeat.  

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High Energy  Recordings Release 2017 - EP

High Energy Recordings, the new up and coming UK based Jungle label presents their first full release - ‘High Energy EP’.  A powerful and driving way to enter the summer, this High Energy project aims to make a lot of noise and a lot of people dance. If you're into jungle, this is your essential mix.

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in Jungle we trust

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